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Auto Glass

Auto Glass Services

Here at DS Auto Glass & Bodyworks we pride ourselves in providing a premium service to our customers. Wether your windshield or glass needs to be replaced due to an everyday incident, a storm, or any other unforeseen situation, we are here for you!

Below you may find further information regarding our replacement services, along with our satisfaction guarantee on every job.

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Auto Glass Replacement

Did you buy that brand new beautiful car of your dreams? and BAM! a rock right through the windshield or side window when driving home! Life happens and we understand that. We are here for all of our customers in need of auto glass repair of any kind. Simply give us a call today for a FREE Quote.

Windshield Replacement

Driving down the highway having fun? and BAM! one of those pesky birds runs into your windshield? No need to happens. We can do an insurance replacement no problem! Give us a call today and we will get it resolved.

Automobile car windshield or windscreen

Our Guarantee!


100% Customer Satisfaction

We are here to make sure that you get the best service possible! Just take a look at our google reviews.


100% Guaranteed


Did the glass we replace or repair have an issue? Feel free to call us back at any time and we will make sure to resolve it!


Competitive Pricing


We are always looking out for our customer's pockets! We have competitive and fair pricing.

Need Our Services? Give Us a Call Today!
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